Solar Water for a Village

Solar Water solutions through Source Water to a partner church in El Salvador
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Ryan Delamater

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February 2024

Funded! Estimated Launch:

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Solar Water solutions through Source Water to a partner church in El Salvador
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OCNTWTR started a network of 45 intentionally small churches comprised of about 1200 people in 6 countries. These gatherings are led by volunteers, dedicated to providing fresh water to communities in need and introducing people to the living water Jesus offers.
One of those churches are located in ‘El Salvador with a leader named Sompoppo. He and his family live in a village in El Palmar and in this village nearly 20% of their monthly income goes to bottled drinking water. 

They have a church of 30 people that meets in their home. In this project we’re partnering with OCNWTR & Source Water to provide Solar Panels that will provide clean water for the community while the church that meets in his home provides living water.

We chose this project for a few reasons: 

  1. We’ve spent time with the churches and businesses that are attached to OCNWTR and we’ve seen the work they do.
  2. We invest in leaders - and Sompoppo is leading a church with 10% of his villages population in his home and he’s been leading this group for the last 3 years and proven to be faithful.
  3. These panels are insured for the next 20 years.

Check out Source Water for more info on the panels