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RV Park Revival

They travel the country in a 5th wheel 

Curtis & Mathilda Hunnicutt
May 26, 2024
5 min read
RV Park Revival
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Meet my friends, Shane and Sarah.

A few fun facts:

1. They live in a 5th wheel full time with their kids

2. They travel the US and start Jesus gatherings in the RV parks they visit

3. They train other leaders to do the same and they call them "chapters"

4. When the opportunity arises, they like to dunk people in whatever sort of water they may have access to

A few weeks ago they baptized 6 people in an RV park in Texas:

Shane wasn't ready for the shake 🫨💦😣

So yes as I said in the title, Shane held some people under water in an RV park in Texas. But they all came back up. And they seemed pretty happy about it.

I'm not sure what your definition of church is but if I'm not mistaken, the end goal of the church is people coming into un-hinged relationship with their creator and living out their faith in community.

And for Shane and his family, rather than hoping these nomads will make their way into a church building, the church has made their way to them.

Sounds like church to me.