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Six Weeks to Go

Six weeks before the move!

Curtis & Mathilda Hunnicutt
May 26, 2024
5 min read
Six Weeks to Go
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What we need to get done before our move: 

1. Finish raising 2024 funds for Oasis Project 

2. Finish website for Oasis 

3. Finish 6 academic essays for Oasis 

4. Move out of our apartment and sell the rest of our stuff 

5. Everything else involved with moving to another country during Christmas time with two toddlers and a brand new baby that I won't bore you with 

6. Figure out how to get some sleep 

7. Get this raccoon out of our apartment

So how's it all going, you ask?

How we feel

How we look

How we try to play it off

If we're honest, most of our timelines are arbitrary, and most of the things that we "must" do cause us to hurry right past the people and the moments that matter most.

So over the next few weeks I'm going to send a few more updates than usual to keep you in the loop on it all. Here's a picture of Lukas dapping up the Grinch.